Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good news for blondes

Surely people versed in the perfume, the name will be familiar to Chinese flowers - Osmanthus. Flowers and stems of this plant are part of the components for the production of rare and expensive perfume. Osmanthus oil is very expensive, so its purpose in the perfume is very limited. Osmanthus is also actively used as a spice for sweet dishes and add it to tea for a delightful floral and sweet fragrance.

At present, Taiwanese scientists, cosmetologists have attended to the problem of safely lighten hair. Thanks to their development, it became known that it is so natural and safe means of clarification, can be an extract from Chinese herb Osmanthus. It was found that the extract has the ability to interfere with osmanthus effects of the enzyme tyrosine, which participates in the synthesis of melanin, and thus help prevent the appearance of a dark color.

Extract, osmanthus inherent antioxidant properties and can, allegedly scientists, developers, to be part of whitening face and hair. The Taiwanese developers do not exclude the possibility of using the properties for the treatment of melanoma osmanthus.

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