Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hair care after perm biological

Biological perm may be for you as easy and safe way to change yourself outwardly, and a hidden danger for the hair. Is it worth while to risk the natural luster and health for the sake of strands of curls and curls? Achieve volume and luxurious curls with biological perm simple, but most importantly - in advance to ensure safety of use.

To purchase an additional amount, to give hair a finished look, winner of the thin nature of the hair often resort to their curling. Get elastic hair today can be in any salon for relatively little money. It offers a choice of several types of perm hair, including the popular today biological wave. Do not relax: even under the name of the "bio" can bring a lot of hair troubles. How to buy coveted curls and preserve the health of today should know in advance.

Principle any perming hair is based on the destruction of the natural relationships within the rod. To do this, the hair wound on curlers special, and then subjected to acid treatment. The most detrimental effect on the health effects of hair chemicals used in traditional perms-permanents. This thioglycolic acid and ammonia. Therefore girls with weakened hair at this stage is to stop. Modern trains labeled "organic" also contain acid, but as a rule, milk. Its influence, as opposed to radical permanents, hair leaves hope for a healthy existence.

If you for whatever reason, decided to make a biological wave, stylists advise to pay special attention to protecting and restoring the hair after the procedure. First, give up the familiar tools for cleaning - now you fit only shampoos, conditioners and masks for damaged hair (today's shops are replete with such means of different price categories - each customer can pick up a product like and can afford). Good enough in this case, the compositions containing silicone. They will help "glue" the hair scales, the opened during the chemical treatment. It is also well proven means of silk proteins, which smooth the hair over the entire length and keep the moisture inside the rod.

If, despite your attempts to "bring the head in order," are difficult to comb your hair and break down, is to take care of them more seriously. In this case, the ideal regenerative procedures in the cabin. Here you will wrap, laminating, add brightness podstrigut posechennye ends. Do not despair if you get to the salon for one reason or another could not - pay attention to the serum and body wraps for damaged hair, which are sold in specialty stores.

Help strengthen weak hair and folk recipes. Beat yolks and stir in two tablespoons of sour cream. Add a teaspoon of yogurt and the same amount of honey. Leave on hair for at least 40 minutes. Repeat no more than 2 times a week. And after a while you will see noticeable results in their charming curls.

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