Friday, February 3, 2012

How to learn to do manicures

The image of a really well-groomed woman is completely impossible without the perfect, always fresh manicure. However, in the turmoil of daily activities is not always possible to find time to visit the salon. The most reasonable solution in this case - learn how to do a manicure yourself to always be able to take care of their hands.

Of course, difficult to make nail art nails or build their own are unlikely to succeed, but to properly care for hands and nails to attach the required form and is capable of doing a traditional manicure absolutely any woman. No special knowledge is not required, only the important care and accuracy.

Before embarking on self-manicure, it is advisable to visit a couple of times a good master and carefully watch his work. At the same time you can discuss the specifics of their nails and skin on the hands, ask for specific advice on caring for them. And after that as there will be a clear understanding of the procedure and sequence of actions you can do yourself a manicure.

For a good manicure tools are very important. So if you plan to do on their own hands, it is advisable to spend some time and money for the purchase of high-quality manicure set, which includes all the necessary pair of scissors, tweezers, cuticle spatula. No less attention should be given a nail file, you need to be individualized, taking into account the state of the nails.

The procedure itself is quite simple manicure. First, completely removed the remnants of the old varnish. It is better to use a solution that does not contain acetone - it is less damaging nails. Then hold your fingers need a little warm water to the skin and soften the nail plate. Sharp tweezers remove burrs on the skin, and nail and the skin itself around it rubbed a little cream or oil to soften. Then a special spatula or wooden stick to gently push the cuticle around the nail to its base. In some cases, make the manicure, the cuticle is cut off completely. However, it is more traumatic for the skin and stimulates its active growth.

When finished with the skin around the nail, moving to shape the nail plate. If the nails are too long, they can be cut to length with scissors or tweezers, gently rounded corners. Desirable form attached with the blade. Before applying fresh paint, nails should be completely dry, otherwise it will stay bad. Usually start with a little finger painting. Strokes are applied to the root of the nail to the edge. If one layer seems not enough to wait until the paint dries and then apply the next layer. Otherwise the paint will fall unevenly, and the nail will look sloppy.

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