Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to reduce eyes

Almost any problem can be solved with the help of modern cosmetics. Properly done make-up can mitigate disproportionate facial features, make the eyes more or less, the nose - is to adjust the shape of the chin and cheekbones.

The secrets of reincarnation own professional beauticians and makeup artists who have long been "stuffed" hand in this matter. Correction of deficiencies appearance and selection of the most striking advantages - the main task of makeup, and sometimes the careful application of makeup can replace a visit to a plastic surgeon.

Some of the fair sex should not increase (which happens more often), and to reduce the shape of the eyes - this will help some simple rules of makeup. Use darker shades of color cosmetics for the eyes to visually reduce their cut. Dark pencils, eye shadow and eyeliner can create a look of deeper eye planting. So, if you do not want to have your eyes looked larger, do not use light colors.

Focus on inner corners of eyes and nose with the help of cosmetic products, if you want to pull together a little too wide-set eyes. Arrange the accents with dark shadows, gently emphasizing the lines of the lower and upper eyelid, drawing dark lines on the lash line.

Very carefully and gently paint the outline with a pencil or a line of shadows century, close to the nose. Darken the space around the nose or, conversely, lighten part of the century, located close to the temples. This will help to visually narrow the eye. Coloring eyelashes mascara, select the inside of the eye.

Try to make a "cat" makeup - it is also able to reduce the visual eye. To achieve the effect of "cat's eye" put under the shade of blond eyebrows, and on the upper eyelid - the dark (you can with a shimmering effect). Blend the shadows so that they extend beyond the outer corners of eyes, creating the arrow. Eyeliner or dark pencil Doris even more clear direction (if necessary), circle the lash line - it will help further reduce the eye, while maintaining their expression.

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