Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to weave a braid of four strands

To braid her hair into four strands is easy, you can make her hair herself, armed with a mirror. Strands of equal thickness to overlay in order, starting with the right edge. Then came the turn of weaving from the left edge.

Fashion for braids, dreadlocks hairstyle of a revival. Therefore, girls with long hair should certainly take note of how quickly and beautifully to braid her hair. To make a plait of four strands, which looks very impressive, much time is needed.

Weave a braid of four strands can be yourself without any help. But beware hairstyle would look like if it will make the stylist, your mom or girlfriend.

First you need to prepare the hair. The strands should be carefully comb and a little to moisten the hair was more manageable. Locks are not to be confused in the process of weaving braids.

Under the rules, you need to comb the hair on his head. The next step is to divide the hair into four roughly equal strands. Comb with a few teeth comb hair again.

Weaving braid of four strands begins with a lateral pryadok. It is possible to make a braid on one side or the center, braid it around, lift up, use the tape, flowers and beads.

Braid begin to spin at the right strand, it imposes on the second strand. Then these two strands is required to block the third, that is the penultimate strand. But the latter need to have a first right, at work it will move to the center of the spit.

Now we need to start from the left edge. Technique is the same as you would with the right edge. You do not need to weave a braid too tight, if desired, can then give the amount of spit, to make it fluffy. Or release some pryadok - so spit will deliberately careless.

Plait braid to the chosen length. The ends of the strands should be fixed. For this purpose suitable gum, pin. If you are knocked out at the temples locks, they can be slaughtered.

To braid looked attractive, you need to practice a few times. Look at the time of weaving in a large mirror, that defects were clearly visible. Over time you'll realize that nothing supernatural in weaving braids on four strands of no.

You can do two or more of the four strands of braids, and then assemble them into one - the hair will look strange. A braid of four strands will be an original look to the hair of any length and color. Remember that the hair should be groomed and shiny - then they will be your ideal dressing.

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