Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hair mask of the brain

Scary? Do not worry, the integrity of his own skull no break does not offer. A mask should be fine for other people's minds - those who are in long bones. Preparation: extract from bones marrow, rubbed through a fine sieve, divide into portions of 1-1.5 teaspoons. Term storage in the freezer - up to 2 months.

The smaller stores, the better, of course. Directions for use: defrost naturally portion (not warming up!), Rubbed into the scalp. Head should wrap up the package and wrap the top of something warm. A couple of hours a mild shampoo wash.

This mask should do first once a week and two months later - once every two weeks.

Effect: an increase in hair density. For reviews, even in advanced cases.

Editor's Note: People who advise these masks are talking about contained in small amounts in bone marrow stem cells. The only thing I have is the question of human and animal cells are somewhat different, for example, the number of chromosomes and other "minor details". In recent years, the phrase "stem cells" has become a kind of mantra, such as "nanotechnology", especially among people who do not understand what it is. My opinion - the effect of this mask is associated with the nutrients it contains. And as the reviews for this mask a lot, it makes sense to try it.

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