Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hair mask with sour cream

Changing weather conditions, internal instability and constant stress adversely affect the condition of hair. To strengthen them, you can use cosmetic products sold in beauty salons or pharmacies, but do not forget about the people's recipes, adapted for hair care products, including the very popular cream mask.

These masks are suitable for dry or normal hair. For oily hair is recommended to take a low-fat sour cream, dilute it with water in 1:1 ratio. In preparing the masks need to pay attention to shelf life and quality of the cream, because only natural fresh dairy product could have a healing effect. In addition, caring for hair procedures to achieve the desired results required to conduct regular, at least 1 time per week.

The simplest mask for dry hair is a mixture of sour cream with raw egg yolks (one tablespoon to 1 egg yolk). Good effect as a mask made from sour cream, olive and castor oils (taken in equal parts) and egg yolk. Useful for hair mixed with the blender mixture of sour cream, olive oil (4:3 ratio), and avocado. You can use butter instead of cucumbers of medium size.

For normal hair, the most popular mask of sour cream or sour cream with honey, coconut oil, taken in equal parts. You can also mix the sour cream with a banana.

To improve the growth of hair is popular mask from hell (2 pieces grate), sour cream, oatmeal, honey, vegetable oil, lemon juice (the proportion 1:1:0,5:0,25:0,25).

For weak hair masks are recommended sour cream with yogurt (ratio 1:1) or carrot juice (1 small carrot 2 tablespoons sour cream). Nourishing and firming action has a mixture of cream, brandy, honey, castor oil (ratio 2:1:1:1) and egg yolk, previously heated in a water bath. This mask should be applied 2 times per month.

Any of these masks should be applied to the hair, covering the top with plastic wrap and towel. Duration of treatment ranges from 20 minutes to an hour, after which the mask is washed off with shampoo and warm water. During drying the hair using a hair dryer is highly undesirable.

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