Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to dissolve hair dye

Having decided to dye my hair at home, take this process seriously. No matter how gentle or a stain, it reacts with the oxidant (exception - henna and Basma). And even a small error in the preparation for painting hair can lead to unpleasant consequences: unexpected color of hair, indelible stain on the face and an allergic reaction.

To remedy dissolve hair coloring, mix a glass or china bowl, a plastic spoon or stick for stirring, cellophane or plastic gloves, in fact, the very cream paint and an oxidant. Usually in packages with a means for coloring the hair already has everything you need in the required amount and the correct proportions. Sometimes manufacturers provide design and convenient bottle with an oxidizing agent (activator), in which you simply extrude cream paint from the tube, shake, and from which distributes the funds directly to the hair.

At the same professional beauty salons masters have always bred coloring components and oxidizer in a bowl. For one procedure they can use dyes of different colors, mixing them, diluting, resulting in a more appropriate color. For example, you want to color your hair in chocolate hair color with a tinge of red - brown and chestnut, purchase paint and mix them in certain proportions. To a pronounced red color, take dyes in a 1:1 ratio, for a little noticeable ebb in burgundy brown hair in the process of preparing a mixture of brown paint to add a quarter of the red.

So you can experiment with other like-scale tones that are looking for. But remember that when mixing paint, use only one brand (due to the composition of the oxidizer distinguished by different manufacturers).

At a dilution of paint, use an oxidizing agent (activator), intended only for the range of colors. The proportions in which to mix paint and activator, as a rule, too, are different - do not work out how the components "by eye", otherwise you may get a different result. If you plan to get more long-lasting color, use the professional tools. They provide an intense color and stay much longer. Professional paint and oxidizer packaged in large bottles. The proportions are always written to the instructions, and sometimes - on the packaging or tube.

Once you have connected the paint and activator, immediately apply the mixture on the hair. In the diluted paint store can not.

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