Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to cure sore eyes

Surely each of you familiar with this state as red eyes, it can not only bring discomfort, and reduce your vision. So what is the reason for such an unpleasant phenomenon and as a self heal redness of eyes?

The reasons for sore eyes

Continuous or frequently appearing red eye can be caused by certain types of stimulation. Often allergies cause redness, dryness, and the constant wearing of contact lenses. In the white of the eye containing blood vessels, resulting in their expansion and is red. This may be caused due of dried air, sunlight and dust.

Common causes reddening of the eyes is a bad cough, and physical stress. In this case, in the sclera may appear blood stains with a medical name subconjunctival hemorrhage. But they are not dangerous if you do not carry a lot of pain and disappear within two weeks.

The most common disease of the eye - conjunctivitis, in which the inflamed outer shell of the eyeball. Common symptoms of the disease: a feeling of a foreign object in the eye, redness of eyes, tearing. When allergic conjunctivitis is present pronounced itching, swelling both of the century.

Often, the eyes become red because of the long stay at the front of the TV screen or computer monitor. Making the eyes may blush allergic reaction to cosmetics, pollen and pet dander.

Treatment for sore eyes

As a quick means to save his eyes from the redness (especially if you're going on a date or business meeting) are perfect for special medications that constrict blood vessels and give moisturizing effect (for example, drops "Vizin" or its equivalents). This tool instantly reduce the discomfort and unpleasant sensations in the form of itching and burning, relieve inflammation. Together take askorutin and vitamin A.

Various packs are an effective treatment for red eye. The most commonly available means - an ordinary handkerchief, soaked in cold water or broth chamomile and applied to the eyes for twenty minutes. Potato compresses cope with your problem. To do this you need a small tuber, which should be thoroughly cleaned and cut into circles. Apply them to your eyes for five to ten minutes.

Remember, your eyes need a full rest. So try to follow some rules. First, it's a real dream - as well as throughout the body, the eyes need at least eight hours rest. During the day, make a break, especially if your work is connected to a computer or have other reasons to strain the eyes.

Every hour, make a small recess, a few minutes looking at the beautiful and relaxing picture zazhmurivayte eyes and slowly relax them. Often, blink, look into the distance, on the closest subject. Frequent blinking helps to moisturize the eyeball and thus reduce stress. This kind of workout will help to relax your eyes.

If the redness lasts for a long period, and all of the above methods do not help the cause, most likely due to increased intracranial pressure or infection. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor optometrist, who will appoint the appropriate treatment and return to your eyes clear and healthy.


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