Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to remove wrinkles on the nose

So you do not want to accept my age, staring in the mirror! His eyes are full of energy, but the skin is poor. Wrinkles on the bridge - one of those which are formed very early. It is believed that wrinkles appear on the bridge in the amateurs frown. If you found them between the eyebrows, immediately begin to fight.

As early as 20 years to take care of your skin, moisturize it, to avoid the appearance of wrinkles. An excellent way to fight against aging is a comprehensive approach that includes not only a cosmetic treatment, and proper nutrition, exposure to fresh air, exercise and sport.

In addition, you need to do daily exercises for the face, which includes the following exercises:

A. Middle fingers of both hands, place on the bridge on both sides and press them firmly. Ring fingers touch the upper part of the nose at the place where forms horizontal wrinkles. Move the muscles that are under your fingers. Hold your muscles under tension for a few seconds. Then slowly return to starting position.

B. Lie on your back and squeeze the eyelids for 5-6 seconds. At the same time, place index fingers at the brow ridges. Open eyes wide and stay for a while. Repeat the exercise 20 times. It is best to perform it in the morning after sleep.

Get rid of wrinkles on the nose can learn to control the face during an emotional lift. To do this we must be able to control himself. And yet, looking more at yourself in the mirror. Keep face and try not to wince and frown in any situation. Facial muscles are constantly being in a relaxed state, will not let wrinkles appear.

Use moisturizers that are indispensable helpers in the fight against wrinkles. No need to buy expensive products. Enough to buy in a drugstore cream containing aloe vera and vitamin E. As a folk remedy in the fight against wrinkles on the nose, you can use vegetable or olive oil. Apply a small amount of oil on the affected area of ​​skin twice a day and evening chime. Within a few weeks you will notice a positive result.


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