Friday, February 3, 2012

How to draw flowers on nails

Figures on nails - a great way to diversify the usual manicure. The most popular motif for nail art - flowers. They can be simple and masterfully executed, stressed abstract and carefully written out - in any case require careful flowers manicure and a firm hand. Maybe your first experience will not be too successful, but after a few lessons should be successful.

The choice of materials for nail art depends on what and how you plan to portray. Simple stylized flowers convenient to paint nail polish, packaged in small tubes with a thin long brush. You can try, and special water-based markers. To require a complex painting acrylic paints of different shades, set of brushes and a plastic palette for mixing colors. Do not forget the background - the easiest way to cover the nail enamel suitable dense shade. Need and finish with the effect of light, as well as sequins or rhinestones for extra decoration.

Prepare the nail plate, polish it with a special stone and causing a layer of leveling the base. Pick up the background paint. The spectacular range of pastel look, or black - these colors are suitable for any pictorial experimentation. You can draw flowers, and on top of a French manicure, placing a single motif near the upper edge or in the cuticle.

To start, try to depict a stylized hibiscus. Type in the brush a little red or dark pink nail polish and put a point on the desired location - this will be the center of the flower. A fine brush, draw around the five petals in the form of irregular droplets, the narrow end facing the middle. Take a bottle of dark green paint and draw two or three leaves in a wide commas. Dry the paint. On top of the flower picture a thin white streaks or silver color. Draw a light-green streaks on leaves and yellow stamens in the flower. Hibiscus is ready.

If you choose to portray the theme on all fingers, draw it in stages. First, picture a flower on all the nails, then - the leaves, the last to draw the stamens and veining. So you do not have all the time to wash and dry brush.

Not a bad idea for beginners - the special nail polish pens. Draw them a rose - black on white or white on a black background. Cover the plate with enamel and dry it. Take a pen and put a short stroke - the future of the center of the flower. Around him in a circle draw a longer horizontal strokes - is the petals, they will need 6 or 7. Draw a stem and leaves. This rose can be decorated with sequins or rhinestones, strengthening it in the center.

Having mastered the simple techniques, continue to complex compositions. Try to portray the true colors with acrylic paints. It looks beautifully chrysanthemum, made in the style of Chinese painting. Cover nails with black polish in two layers and dry it. On the palette extrude yellow and red paint.

Take a flat brush with a beveled edge, dial it, both color and paint swirls steep, sharply lifting the brush from the nail to create the effect of swirling petals. Place one flower in the cuticle, and the other - at the very edge of the plate, on the diagonal. Chrysanthemums finished, type in the brush a little green and yellow paint and draw two leaves at the bottom of the flower, and one - near the top. Cover with the effect of composition topom ultrableska - so image will remain longer.

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