Friday, February 3, 2012

How to make a beautiful nose

The weaker sex is extremely picky about their appearance - sometimes even the owner is almost ideal nozzles may complain that nature has given them. Of course, every feature is perceived solely as a bit of personality, but if you want to just correct the shape of his nose - it's easy to do! The main thing - to get acquainted with some of the tricks of makeup.

Too make a long nose shorter than the visually quite easily. To do this you need to experiment with two shades of colors - a bit lighter and, conversely, dark. Apply a light foundation to the center of the nose to the tip about and gently blend in the side wings. A little darker, apply foundation to the tip of the border and equalized with a sponge. Your nose seems much shorter! By the way, to divert attention from escaping or excessively long nose, and may be using other methods. For example, make a magnificent haircut with bangs - it will draw attention to themselves. It is also extremely important to monitor the eyebrows: Eyebrows natural width and "vrazlet" also dragged in the interlocutor's attention to himself, as well as make a more harmonious facial proportions.

If, on the contrary, the nose seems too wide to make it more elegant by using the following device ("play" with the shades in this case is accurate, but vice versa). So, take a light foundation (it is possible with light reflecting particles) and causes the entire length of the nose, a little feather in hand. A darker shade of tone inflict on the wings of the nose and carefully shaded with a sponge or brush. It is important to make even a good border. You can also use bronze powder, however, should not be a shade too dark.

If you are not pleased with the charming pug nose, you can use the following trick: dark shadows, or powder, put a small dot on the nose, then blend it carefully with a brush or a puff, and the tip of the nose, picture a bright point, the boundaries of which can also be slightly equalize.

Prominent aquiline nose is often the cause of dissatisfaction with their owners. Make the back of the nose straighter and harmonious, you can use powder or shadow a little darker than your basic tone color. Draw two parallel lines on each side, to equalize the border - and you're done!

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