Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to get black hair

One of the most common ways to color the hair black is the use of Basma. This is - a natural dye, which not only damages the hair, but also nourishes and restores their structure makes them shine.

Basma penetrates the hair is very slow and if used improperly, can give hair a greenish color. This is especially true for those women whose hair is the first "silver" strand. That is why the powder should be mixed with basma henna - the only way you can avoid unwanted consequences.

To paint you will need a hair henna, Basma, a brush for painting, a comb and disposable cellophane cap. Remember that Basma highly polluting clothes, so put on some old and useless things. The same goes for towels - it must be old as well as wash stain is almost impossible.

In china and glass container, mix the powder and henna basma in 1:10. You can also add a pinch of pine and salt - so the color will be richer and more natural. Now start to plant a mixture of warm water until until it becomes like a thick yogurt or pasta.

The mixture should be applied only on dry hair. Apply a stain with a special brush - so you will be more convenient to evenly distribute it. For every eight inches of your hair need to apply approximately 100 grams of the dye. During the procedure, must wear gloves, as the spots on the hands remain still for long. Remember that Basma is very rapidly absorbed into the scalp, so during the application of the dye be very careful. After applying a brush or comb pick carefully comb the hair. Tie a rubber band and put on their hat. Remember that you need to keep basma on the hair for at least an hour.

Wash your hair with plenty of water. Do not use shampoo, since you can simply wash off the paint.

Remember that the dye is completely absorbed into the hair only on the expiration of three days. So if your hair suddenly acquired a greenish tinge - do not worry, eventually it will pass.

Change bed linens at an older, since the first days after dyeing the fabric can be very dirty during sleep.

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