Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to make hair braids

Hairstyles with one or more braids are always up to date and do not lose their popularity in the future. Best of all braids are obtained for long and medium length hair. If the length is not enough, come to the aid overhead strands. And to learn how to cornrow, you must first learn basic skills.

Prepare a comb. It is better if it would be a massage brush, rather than the usual. This is not only better than combing your hair, but also makes them silky, soft and manageable. Braids of hair would like more extensive and attractive. Additionally, you can put down a small amount of gel or foam packing to strand braided and well missed. Just do not overdo it - too much of this money will make the hair hard and stale.

If you do not single braid, divide hair parted in the middle. To do this, draw a vertical line in the middle of the head from the occiput to the forehead and the sides of the line, comb hair slightly to the side. Then divide them into equal strands conceived by the number of braids.

Take the hair or one of the strands and lay it into three equal parts, of which you will weave braid. To do this, move the right side so that it was between the left and middle parts. In this place it on top. Then just do the same actions with the left strand. This algorithm is to repeat as long as the queue will not be weaving along the entire length of hair. The tip of the hair braids secure with bobby pins or rubber bands.

The resulting braids can be nice to put on your head and fasten invisible. Also in pigtails can weave colorful ribbons, chains, beads, laces. At the end of the finished hairstyle can be fixed with lacquer for an easy fix. Pigtails at night you can not untwist. Only need to remove the pins that hold it on the head. Tightly plaited and recorded at the end of the queue can maintain their shape and appearance of up to five days, which is very convenient.

In addition, braiding hair in pigtails can easily be done from long wavy hair and curly. For this evening for 1-2 hours before bed wash your hair and apply a little mousse for styling the hair. Dry a little bit dryer, plait hair into a plait and leave overnight. In the morning Untwist and comb - beautiful hair you provided! The effect lasts from several hours to several days, depending on the individual hair.

If you're new braids her hair, the first few hours after its creation can torment headaches. This is due to an unusual strain of the muscles. Do not worry - after 1-2 days they will be in the future will no longer appear. Hairstyle, consisting of one or more braids, requires far less maintenance - wash your hair can be no more than once a week in the usual way. In addition, there is no need to use tools that protect the hair from the sun.

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