Friday, February 3, 2012

How to grow rapidly fingernails

Long manicured nails for many years, popular, and many women dream of becoming owners of a luxury manicure. But not every representative of the fairer sex is ready to decide on the building - this procedure is still quite cons. Therefore, it remains only to make every effort, as soon as possible to grow your own nails.

First of all, the nails need to be protected from exposure to household chemicals, and work at home is best done with rubber gloves. At that time, until you nail grows, it is better not to use decorative paints - they also have a negative impact on the nail platinum, despite the fact that the manufacturers claim otherwise.

Very efficient and well-established means to strengthen nails and accelerate their growth is sea salt. So do a daily bath for 10-15 minutes. In the salt you can add the essential oil of lemon - it not only strengthens, but also has bleaching properties, excellent impact on the appearance of nails.

Before going to bed can be applied to the nails iodine with a cotton swab. As a rule, per night and it is completely absorbed, and you will not confuse the yellow nails. It is also an excellent procedure that is performed on the night, is a mask of beeswax polish. For this purpose it is necessary to melt it in a water bath, allow to cool to a temperature which is comfortable for you, and moisten your fingers in it. Wait until the wax hardens the nails, and put on special gloves for these procedures.

Vegetable oils also help to accelerate the growth of the nails, making them flexible and durable. You can use sunflower, olive or almond oil, add the oil solution of vitamins A and E. Moisten a cotton ball in the mixture and wipe nails. Not washing the butter, wear gloves on his hands all night.

Today, cosmetic companies offer a lot of resources to strengthen and accelerate the growth of nails and a special compounds and protective coatings. Make it a rule to use them regularly.

In many ways, the state of the nails and their rate of growth depends on what you eat. Unfortunately, the current state of the environment does not allow to obtain all the necessary vitamins and substances of the products only. Therefore, you should pay special attention to vitamin and mineral supplements designed to improve skin, hair and nails.