Friday, February 3, 2012

How to remove hair on upper lip

Vellus hair on the upper lip grow in all women: some are less pronounced, in others - are more noticeable. Most of the fairer sex is considered a cosmetic disadvantage of this feature and prefer to get rid of hair on her upper lip, using a variety of means.

If the hairs are sparse and grow quite rare, it makes no sense to get rid of them: much easier to lighten up. You can use ordinary hydrogen peroxide. With regular wiping her hair on her upper lip, they soon become discolored and almost unnoticeable.

In no case should not shave the hairs on his upper lip - in this case, you risk a couple of procedures to get a thick beard, which will be much more visible vellus hair.

To remove a visible and thick hair on his upper lip, many women use the appliance or simply pluck them with tweezers for eyebrows. These methods can only achieve a temporary effect: the hair will soon grow again, although with time and become more subtle. In the salons for hair removal is used to remove them warm or cold wax.

At home, women often also remove fuzz on his upper lip with a special wax strips or apply for this so-called epilation biosmoloy (shugaring) - a mixture of melted sugar and lemon juice. All these procedures are quite effective and can remove all the hair to a man: and a long and very short, for a sufficiently long period, as a result of their growth slows. But after them there is often irritation - it is quite noticeable, and get rid of him pretty hard, so for sensitive skin, these methods are not suitable. In addition, after depilation with wax or resin often appear ingrown hairs - they must be removed manually, and sometimes they can even fester.

The most effective ways to remove hair on the upper lip are the laser and epilation. They are expensive and require time-consuming, but it can get rid of all unwanted vegetation. It should be remembered that the laser is powerless against the gray or very light hair, as sighting affects melanin - the pigment that gives them color. If you do opt for one of these ways, trust only proven masters whose services have resorted to your friends - the only way you insure yourself against the effects of treatments in the form of, for example, redness or hyperpigmentation of the skin.

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