Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Selection means for hair wash

Soap does not fit! It completely removes the protection of the scalp and hair, destroying the water-lipid film with them. The hair becomes dry, damaged, fading. For shampooing shampoos are best: they are less aggressive are on our skin and hair.

The choice of shampoo

Carefully read the appointment of a shampoo, just use the one that is designed for your hair type. If shampoo is correct, then after washing the hair, they are: clean, well-combed, no fat, no scalp is irritated. To find unsuitable for your shampoo, you want to use one-two, to determine a suitable shampoo requires regular use over several weeks. Just a good shampoo works as antistatic and compensates the loss of protein, nutrients and moisture. Someone said that from time to time need to change shampoos. In fact, it is not. Love me you need to shampoo when you change the type of hair.

The mouthwash

After washing your hair with shampoo, conditioner is recommended. It gives the hair elasticity, facilitates combing. Best of all, when, and shampoo and opolaskivatelno - one brand, and they match each other in composition and as complementary to each other. The combination of products of different companies does less good, if not harmful.

Shampoo "two in one" - rather, hiking option, because separate shampoo and conditioner to use more effectively.

There are special tools rapid treatment of damaged hair, providing restorative and nourishing effects on hair follicles. This is a quick and easy option. For a more permanent (long-term, full and deep) of treatment - there is a mask for the hair to be plotted in the hair once or twice a week for 15-20 minutes.

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